Where art meets Nails

Founded in London in July 2023, by The Nailestro, Nailestro Studios stands as a revolutionary force in the realm of nail art. The name 'Nailestro' stems from a merge of the words 'Nail' & 'Maestro'.
With an unswerving dedication to pushing the boundaries of nail art, we specialize in 3D designs and intricate hand-painted creations.

Our mission? To be a sanctuary for self-expression and unite a global community of nail enthusiasts through education, entertainment, and a boundless passion for all things nail art.

We believe that beauty knows no borders and art has no limits. Nailestro Studios has set out to build a global network of like-minded individuals who share our fervor for nail artistry. Through our innovative workshops, live demonstrations, and engaging tutorials, we're committed to nurturing a supportive community where art enthusiasts from every corner of the world come together to learn, inspire, and celebrate the magic of nail art.

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